Villa Entertainment

Most Dominican Republic villas have a distinct advantage over other vacation spots: they’re in the Dominican. But every Vacation Needs a Soundtrack. Sunrise Villa was built with an outstanding Bose/Yamaha multi-room sound system integrated into the Main House. The result is the music virtually follows you around the premise. The cathedral ceilings even serve as acoustic enhancers, so the sound really kicks! Our house CD collection is stored in a 300 disc CD jukebox, which means if you can hum it, we probably have it ready to play.  

How serious are we about our tunes at Sunrise Villa? Well, some of our favorite house bands include Steely Dan, Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley, of course. But you’ll also find everything from Bach to the Beatles, John Coltrane to Nora Jones. 

Sunrise Villa also features 2 TV’s, both with Direct TV, DVD/VCR’s and nearly 100 movies, so everyone can find a film favorite or something they’ve always wanted to watch. One TV also has a Sony PS2 with assorted games for the kids.

Our Villa also has a custom billiards table, a poker table and a beautiful outdoor giant size chess set. A true renaissance man, our friend Ramon is the undisputed Sunrise Villa champion at both shooting pool and playing chess.

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