Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures

When we visited the Villa this summer with our two kids, our concierge suggested we visit the Monkey Jungle – a conservation reserve/free clinic complete with an amazing zip line course in the Dominican rain forest.

Located in Canarete and Sosua, the Monkey Jungle and Zip line Adventures 280 acre spot is a fun-filled opportunity for the whole family. Even the road to the place is an adventure. I should probably warn you though; it is a hike. It’s about two hours from the Villa, and the aforementioned road from the highway to the actual park is dirt, and it’s a bit rough. But it’s authentic Dominican countryside, and it’s beautiful in its own rite. And the zip lines alone are worth it!

Zip Line

Here’s a little video of me taking on one of the longer ones. This is the line you’ll see first when you enter the park, but it’s actually the third line in the course.

The zip line experience is really the centerpiece of this park. Monkey Jungle has an ACCT certified zip line course with 7 different stations, where families can choose from an array of different zip lines and soar high above the DR’s lush canopy. The views and the exhilarating ride are unrivaled. My 7 year old and I did the whole course and loved every minute of it. He was a bit reluctant at first, but the instructors were patient and friendly. Get ready to tip at the end too. Like much in the DR, gratuity is welcome. You may want to ask your concierge how much is too much or too little. 


IMG_2589This free fall ride that descends into a beautiful cave is breathtaking to say the least. The 60 ft. drop is probably geared more fore thrill seekers looking for an adrenaline rush. But it’s over so fast you don’t really have time to be scared. We just went for it, and were glad we did!

The ride is over before you know it, but exhilarating nonetheless. Don’t let the free fall scare you. You’re going to love it. 


IMG_2622And of course the park’s namesake: the monkeys – the cutest monkeys you’ve probably every seen in fact. Interact with more than 25 different species of primates who are more than ready to hop into your selfies with the kids.

Fair warning: the monkeys are adorable, but whether they’re game for hanging out with you isn’t guaranteed. And remember, no bug spray or sunscreen. It’s toxic for the monkeys.

Gun Range

Here we have an immersive opportunity for the adults with a taste for gunpowder. Monkey Jungle’s gun ranges are perfect for the person who wants a new experience or for the seasoned veteran looking to keep his or her marksmanship in check. We didn’t actually try out the gun range; the kids were with us. But we drove past it on our way back from he zip line tour – looked and sounded pretty cool.

No Reservations

Great news! There’s no need to make reservations at Monkey Jungle. True to the DR’s scheduling sensibilities, you can pop in and enjoy everything the park has to offer whenever you want as long as the park is open. Their rides are open all day long, 365 days a year, and all you have to do is stop in for a prorated day of fun. During peak months and times of the year, it’s best to call in advance just in case.

All Profits From Monkey Jungle Go to Charity

All profits go to charity at this park, and local volunteers donate a day or two at the clinic or Jungle. Many help on Saturday which is our normal clinic day.

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