Our Staff

Our Staff

Sunrise villa is a fully-staffed vacation home, meaning we have XX employees focused on creating the most relaxing atmosphere possible. What does that entail, you ask? It’s easier to paint a picture with words. Here is what a typical day at Sunrise may look like:

In the morning when you leave your suite for breakfast, a staff member will swing by your room to make the bed and pick up any laundry left in the hampers. Clean laundry from the day before will be tidily folded on the veranda couches. After breakfast, as you take your coffee to the covered lounge area to pick up your novel, kitchen staff will clear your plates and see if you need a coffee refill. After a few chapters, you head to the pool and our bartender will swing by to ask if you’d like something to drink. Toweling off and needing a break from the sun, you can head to the Manana Bar where you’ll be asked if there’s anything you’d like. A snack? A massage over the cliffs? Perhaps a poolside mani/pedi? Perhaps a visit to a nearby beach? You decide to head to the villa’s own lovely beach but would love to lounge in the shade of the towering palms. A staff member will bring a lounger down and set it up in the perfect spot for you to catch a nap listening to the waves. Fully relaxed, but a little hungry, you can head back to the Manana Bar for an appetizer thoughtfully prepared to tide guests over until dinner.

As the sun sets and the temperature cools, dinner is proudly set out buffet-style, as the chef oversees the group tucking in to a perfectly prepared meal. After dinner refreshment is provided, and a staff member may offer to take the adventurous guests out for a night dancing at a nearby club. For those happily ready to tuck in for the night, a crisply clean suite will be waiting just along the low-lit path. Just head down past the orchids, take a right at the cliff, and your personal haven will be waiting.

Here at Sunrise Villa, we like to say that all you need to do is ask. What can we do to maximize your stay? What would make you feel relaxed, comfortable, or entertained? Simply ask. Our staff will be happy to accommodate you.

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26, Cabrera, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, DO

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