Vacation Home Rental Tips

Renting the perfect beach house or vacation villa can be hard to do without breaking your budget, but like with most travel endeavors, careful planning and organized action typically lead to more positive results. To rent a beach house, you can break it down into five simplified steps to secure the home at a lower cost. First, begin your search ahead of time to alleviate stress and excessive costs associated with securing a vacation rental. If you, for example, attempt to get a vacation rental during peak season and on short notice, your costs will go straight through the roof. You want to plan this up to six months in advance, and preferably, you want a year in advance. It sounds excessive, but the high-in-demand vacation rentals will be scheduled fast.

Speak with Multiple Sources

You want to talk to different sources when hunting for a vacation house. In shopping around, you might encounter contrary information, which is good. It keeps people honest, and you are not being overcharged for the area you will visit. Shopping around also teaches you more about the region you will be visiting, and you could uncover a better bargain with another company. Leave your options open and speak with several real estate agents and look at multiple consulting websites. You might also drive around a neighborhood you are considering, and this saves you on having to pay a fee to a brokerage. The owner will usually be responsible for the fee, but the price of the vacation rental will often be higher to recover costs on the brokerage fee. 

Negotiating Never Hurts

Almost all aspects of the vacation rental can be negotiated. Whether it’s the deposit or the weekly rental, you can often get a better deal when you negotiate. If you know about a property not booked, you can use this as leverage for a better deal. When the person refuses to budget on on these items, you could ask if they will give you an extra day or week of rental at a lower price.

Housekeeping Services Included?

Vacation rentals will vary on the housekeeping services of the rental. Sometimes cleaning service will come in on the last day to bill you on the home. Other times, they may stop in periodically. You want to learn about how this will be collected and the schedule for it. In addition, find out what the condition of the property must be returned in so that you receive a full return on your deposit.

One important thing to remember with a vacation rental is to make sure you get the owner’s contact number. This ensures if you have problems like a burst pipe or lost electricity, you will have someone to call. Today, more travelers than ever before (24 percent!) have stayed in a vacation rental. The price, value, privacy, amenities and full kitchen facilities are the top reasons people choose vacation rentals over a hotel. Professionally managed vacation rentals will often give you better security for your money than what you get with booking a hotel.