Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

Everyone loves the Caribbean. It’s about as close as you can get to paradise. These are the top 10 beaches to visit if you’re thinking about setting your watch to island time.

1. Orchid Bay, Cabrera

Nirvana for beach-lovers and golf enhthusiasts; Orchid Bay, Cabrera is located just miles from from Highway 5. The waves are perfect for beach enthusiasts, and the setting is calm and serene. Golfing and dining in this area is some of the best in region. If you want to really treat yourself, Orchid Bay is the place for you. Truly a tropical paradise. And conveniently located mere miles for our all-inclusive Dominican Republic villa.

2. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

A short walk from the entrance leads through the dunes to a major surfing, pink-sand beach bordered by natural vegetation. A rich marriage of crushed shells and coral, offset by eye-catching sunset everyday, this beach has it all – dining, parking and resting areas.

3. Crane Beach, Barbados

One stop shopping for clamming, surfing, hiking, scuba diving and bird-watching at the island just south of Crane Beach. This place is originally a coral island where most part of the sand contains pulverized coral making it soft and fine in texture.

4. Trunk Bay, St. John

A trail on the hills leads through tropical groves to the sandy beach encircled by cliffs and caves of the sea. This beach was donated to the National Park Service around five decades ago. At the beach, the warm water and the coral sand is the perfect venue for exploring, in spite of the gusty winds requiring warm clothing during outings. The nearby facility include snorkel equipment and chair rental as well as showers.

5. Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Comprising of 33 beaches on a stretch of 16 mile, this world famous beach is often frequented by celebrities and honeymooners. The bluffs above the point where the creek joins the ocean give a spectacular view. Overlooking the sandy beach are villas, resorts and restaurants for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

6. Philipsburg, St Maarten

This is a cosmopolitan beach accessible anywhere from the residential and commercial buildings bordering it. Excellent sunset watching abounds in this favorite playground for kids and adults. Some scenes are so captivating that you will be tempted to take a dip in the salt water.

7. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Aruba has a perfect weather year round. The Eagle beach reflects this fact, with miles of shores and tranquil water. Commercial buildings and tiki huts frame this favorite picnic spot. Swimmers love this spot as they provide plenty of gentle surfing areas.

8. Palominos Island, Puerto Rico

At this northwestern part of Puerto Rico is a private island of 100 acre known as Palominos Island. The island is today a favorite diving area, but still perfect for wandering and sifting through the pebbles in the sand or relaxing in the nearby resort and spa.

9. Nassau, Bahamas

Another perfect place for divers and swimmers alike; this beach at the Bahamas is spectacular and offers a view of Blue Hole – a large natural hole containing fish.

10. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

An excellent picnic spot affording views of giant granite boulders on the white sandy cover. Enthusiasts can comb for bits of shiny jade where the sand meets the sea.

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