This is probably some of the nicest stretch of beach you’re ever going to see. About a ten-minute drive from the Villa, this little slice of paradise will make you wonder why you were impressed with ANY beach you visited in the States.

2015-06-29 15.14.58
It’s nestled right up along side the famous Playa Grande golf course, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Dominican beach. The sand is golden white, and the water is warm and clear. The waves are calm enough to play in and the breakers are big enough to surf – fun for all.


This clean, private beach is accessible through a little row of shops where vendors and locals are selling handmade crafts. But be warned, when you buy one knickknack  from someone, you become fair game, and the other vendors will descend.


But, should you decide to buy something, and you want that to be the end of it, I learned a little gesture that’s basically Dominican for “no, please stop bothering me.” It’s a simple wag of the finger. And that will send the message to the others as well. An easy, non offensive way to get back to your day at the beach.

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There are boogie boards for rent should you decide to take on the waves, and you may even spot a pro surfer or two out in the breakers. The Dominican has a lot of them. And they’re really good.

2015-06-29 13.51.13

Ask the Villa concierge to set you up with a valet. He’ll arrange an awesome lunch in the shade on the beach, and the food is amazing. I’m not a seafood lover, but it’s pretty hard to argue with fish as fresh as this. It was pan-fried Mahi-mahi, and it was phenomenal.


My kids, who are picky eaters, loved the vegetable dishes. But of course  they were plied with chicken fingers and fries (also on the menu). Grab a 22-ounce Presidente while you’re out there; it’s all pretty magical.

2015-06-29 13.58.03

All in all, one of the most memorable day trips we took during our week at the Villa. We actually wound up going twice. They also offer beach-side massages. And had it just been my wife and me, those would’ve been part of the itinerary as well.

A couple things to remember: If you’re unsure about getting a taxi for the trip back, you can have your driver wait for you. I think the total cost for that is about $50. And remember to tip your valet. A twenty should do.

Really a five-star beach though – a must if you’re visiting Cabrera.