Outback Adventures – Puerta Plata

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Here at Sunrise Villa in the Dominican Republic, we believe in a private, once in a lifetime experience that is unmatched by any other vacation. We focus on families and helping them to make memories. One specific excursion that we recommend above most others is a visit with Outback Adventures, specifically at the Puerto Plata location.

The Fruit Plantation

One excursion Outback Adventures offers is a trip to a fruit plantation. At this location, visitors will learn a great deal about the chocolate and coffee grown there. This visit offers a chance to observe the lush landscape of this Caribbean Island has to offer.

Also, there is an opportunity to roam among the people, especially with a visit to a local school to interact with children. This visit allows families to take a close look at how people on the island live. It also provides a close look at the daily life these people experience. More importantly, this part of the excursion provides a first-hand interaction with the local culture that can hardly be gained anywhere else on the island. Outback Adventures takes pride in these aspects of island life, and so it supports local schools and education programs, and not just those on the northern coast. All schools and programs throughout the island benefit from their aid.

Outback Safari

Trips can be planned on a daily basis. There are two types of excursions. The first, the Full Day Safari, costs 79.00 for adults and 39.50 for children from 3 to 12 years old. Excursions are available Mondays through Fridays, and it begins at 8 AM and ends at 430 PM. This eight-hour tour includes many things, including a variety of drinks. Book here.

There is also a half day excursion called Terra Cross that lasts for about four and a half hours. The cost for a single is 135.00, and the cost for a double reduces to 89.00 per person. Children from the ages 5 to 16 cost 59.00. This trip takes you off the beaten track with an ATV buggy to go into the back country and go through palm and mahogany groves. There is also an opportunity to reach areas of the island that cannot be traveled to by other means, such as to a river where you can take a refreshing dip, or to have the chance to drink coconut water right from the husk. Drivers must have a valid license from their country of origin to participate in this excursion.

There are some suggested restrictions for people with certain situations, though. Pregnant women are not permitted on tour due to its off-road nature. Also, persons with back complications or who have recently had surgery should seek a doctor’s advice before going on this excursion.

Most guides and drivers speak fluent English, and they are easy to understand. As a bonus, they are personable and endearing. They do everything within their power to make families feel welcome and to help them create new memories. Their enthusiasm and love for their culture are contagious. They are always ready and willing to answer questions and to provide the best service possible.

Families will be pleased with this adventure away from Sunrise Villa as they will have a chance to experience the culture, history, and life along the Dominican Republic’s northern coast in a way that cannot be outmatched elsewhere. The day trip will be filled with many activities that can be tailored to a family’s desires. Larger groups will find that they can stay together by themselves, whereas smaller groups can pair together with other smaller groups, thus making for a social event in either situation.