Dominican Republic Villas with Chef

There’s something to be said for a vacation in paradise. The Dominican Republic has it all. What would be better than having a villa with your own private chef? Here is a list of the best villas in the country that come with a personal chef. Beyond the breathtaking views and the call to adventure, having a chef serve you catered meals is just one more step into paradise. Check out the following places if you really want to experience the good life.

Here’s the top five Dominican Republic Villas with Chef:

  • Sunrise Villa – The absolute lap of luxury in the Dominican Republic has to be Sunrise Villa, a perfect private vacation spot. This unbelievably opulent choice includes not only a personal chef, but also a masseuse and a dedicated concierge available to make every wish come true. This is the choice for real romantics, as the villa sits on 400 feet of private beachfront. It’s also enormous, with eight bedrooms and a swimming pool, so it’s perfect for families. Sunrise Villa tops the list for extravagant luxury.


  • Cap Cana Villas – These villas are a perfect destination for families, especially since they offer so much as a community. Horseback riding, snorkeling, cave exploration, and other activities are available at this resort. The villas are all located on the water or a short walk away, and they often come with a full staff including a personal chef. There are a variety of different villas to choose from, all of which also benefit from a private pool. Whatever your interest, Cap Cana has you covered for an adventurous holiday.


  • Sea Horse Ranch – These villas each come with a private pool and a personal chef as well as a concierge. They’ll even stock your refrigerator with all your favorite foods before you arrive. Hidden seaside pools and horseback riding make Sea Horse Ranch a place with some of the coolest amenities available. This resort in the north of the Dominican Republic is an oceanfront escape you’ll be writing home about – if you can spare the time!


  • Casa de Campo – These villas are perched on the coast, offering stunning views as well as a private pool where you can swim as you look out over the Caribbean. Relax and soothe your cares away with the maid service and daily breakfast prepared for you in your own villa. Your personal concierge can help you plan all of your activities, including golfing or heading out to the spa.


  • Villa Castellamonte – This absolutely mind-blowing 15,000 square foot luxury Tuscan villa sitting atop the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea is what dreams are made of. It is located in a rural community so you’re able to take in all the sights and sounds of the real Dominican Republic. The staff works all day and night to make sure everything is perfect for you, from the gardens to the cuisine.


  • Sosua Villas – The private chef is one of the star attractions at Sosua Villas. Lobster and mahi mahi grace the plates you’ll be enjoying for dinner, and all dietary preferences are taken into account. A perfect destination for foodies, these villas really ramp up the charm and roll out the red carpet for those with a gourmand’s taste. The villas on offer from GT are incredible and feature different designs so visitors can choose what suits them best. Whether it’s beachfront or jungle, Sosua Villas can cater to every taste.

These are perfect destinations for groups of friends traveling together, especially those who are interested in good food as well as camaraderie. Sosua Villas is bound to have something for everyone.There are so many villas with private chefs or even all-inclusive villas available in the Dominican Republic, it would be hard to list them all. These just happen to be the cream of the crop when it comes to vacation rentals at this level. The discerning traveler who requires a five-star experience will be extremely satisfied with this experience. There’s no better way to see the Dominican Republic. From the beach to the table to climbing into bed at night, these exclusive resorts will ensure that your trip is the vacation of a lifetime.