How to Plan a Destination Wedding in the Dominican Republic

A destination wedding in the Dominican Republic is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Keep reading to start planning your dream wedding in the Caribbean.

Destination weddings are the ultimate dream for many couples who want to have their nuptials performed in style. But some people might feel that an exotic wedding is out of reach for them, and it’s not always because of the cost.

Planning a destination wedding can seem like a daunting task, but that’s no reason to give up on your dream! It’s easier than you think, especially in parts of the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic has become one of the hottest wedding destinations in recent years. Here are the steps you can take to plan a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic!

Choose a Date For Your Destination Wedding In The Dominican Republic

Obviously, the first thing you should get done in the wedding planning is choosing a date. The Dominican Republic is beautiful all year round, but certain months are better than others.

Hurricanes and tropical storms do strike the area on occasion, although they are much rarer than you might think. Regardless, although hotels and venues might be cheaper during the summer season, it can be very hot and humid, with the occasional rainstorm.

The winter months are more pleasant, but it might be harder to make reservations. Narrow down a few dates that works for your wedding party from a cost and planning perspective.

Once you’ve figured out the optimal window of your time for your wedding, it’s time to coordinate with local wedding venues.

Decide On A Venue

Picking the right venue is a crucial part of planning a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. The good thing is, there are many gorgeous venues throughout the Dominican Republic to choose from, including hotels, churches, and beachfront property.

The cost of these venues will vary by how close they are to popular resorts and what time of year you will be holding the ceremony, but there is a venue available for everyone regardless of your budget.

One thing to note is that by law, you will not be able to perform a religious ceremony on the beach. If you have your heart set on a beachfront wedding, it will have to be a civil ceremony.

Hotels are great options for weddings because they can accommodate your guests. Also, many hotels operate in the form of resorts on the beach, doubling as a beautiful venue for weddings and recreation for your guests.

If you want to have your wedding at a separate location, make sure you book transportation like coach buses or other private vehicles for your guests. Even your hotel is close by, you don’t want your guests to have to walk in the heat.

Secure A Caterer

Hiring a caterer for your wedding might seem difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with the language. It’s likely that your hotel offers food services and will be happy to cater your wedding.

This is usually the most convenient option, as you can be more confident that your food will be hot and fresh when it is time to eat.

But if you would rather go with a local business, ask the hotel to make recommendations. Enjoying the local cuisine after your wedding ceremony can be a great way to immerse yourself into the vibrant culture of the Dominican Republic.

Take Care Of Legal Issues

The Dominican Republic is a foreign country, and getting married in another country comes with a host of legal stipulations. Make sure you and your guests have valid passports and that you will be able to get your wedding certificate notarized.

Fortunately, there are many wedding planning services available on the island that can help you maneuver these legal hurdles.

A lot of resorts have also have wedding planners on staff for their guests that can answer any questions you might have on the days leading up to your ceremony and the day of.

Book A Videographer

Your wedding is on of the most important days in your life. You want to be able to remember it forever! Hiring somebody to capture the best moments of your ceremony is an important step to take care of early on in the process.

Wedding videographers can have packed schedules. You don’t want to be left without someone to record your ceremony because you didn’t plan in advance. And no, a cell phone should not be an acceptable substitute!

Make sure you meet with your videographer before signing any contracts to ensure that they have your interests at heart.

It’s even more important to secure the videographer in advance if you want to bring someone from your area that you might trust more. Travel costs and other accommodations can add up, and you want to make sure that you pre-book these things if necessary.

Entertainment For Your Guests

A destination wedding in the Dominican Republic calls for the best entertainment that the Caribbean has to offer. Give your wedding festivities some flair by hiring a local music group to soundtrack the reception!

From folk songs to traditional dance numbers, a local live band is the best way to keep your guests on their feet and happy. If your wedding will be smaller, consider hiring someone to come teach you and your guests the merengue!

This is an extremely fun way to get all your guests involved after your ceremony while giving your guests something they can bring back to the mainland and show off to their friends!

Be sure to also think about booking excursions for guests that will be on the island for a few days before or after your wedding. The Dominican Republic is full of natural beauty, and a safari through the wilderness or a visit to a small town is something you definitely should not miss!

Your Destination Wedding In The Dominican Republic Awaits!

The Dominican Republic is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean to host your wedding because it’s so easy! The country is extremely tourist friendly, and your guests will definitely appreciate the chance to explore this beautiful country.

Please contact us for more information on how to make your destination wedding in the Dominican Republic a memorable experience!