Sunrise Villa has a full-time Youth Host to help arrange activities for your children, teens, and young adults. We offer three pre-planned, organized activities for teens and young adults. In addition to these planned activities, your guide can accompany them to other outside the villa activities like horseback-riding and zip lining.

Teen Adventure Tour

The group, escorted by our youth host, will embark on a series of adventures.  Guests can explore the local waterfalls in the hills a short distance from town as well as famed Lake Dudu and Lac Blue, classic Dominican, fresh-water ceynotes – perfect for swimming. These tours are typically one-half day, and can be done either before or after lunch, and is free of charge. The staff will gladly pack a cooler with drinks and snacks.

Teen Beach Day

Our area features many excellent beaches and this tour hits our 3 favorites. Among the stops is Playa Grande, where groups can explore, go body surfing, and perhaps meet some locals. There is also Playa Caleton, famed for its strange rock sculptures and good snorkeling. Playa Caleton is an isolated lagoon and is the owners’ personal favorite. Playa Diamonte is another extremely shallow, well-protected lagoon; with knee-deep waters that extend long distances from the shore – a great place to throw a frisbee, snorkel, and soak up the warm Dominican sun. This tour can last four or five hours, and there is no charge.

Night on the Town

The owners’ kids have been going out to the local discos for years. While they’re 20 somethings now, they first went as young as 15. Using a local taxi, at least one, oftentimes several staff members will escort and chaperon the group. The music is loud, and the dancing is so incredible it has to be seen to be believed. Your teens and young adults will think they died and went to heaven! This activity costs $10 per person, and includes transportation and entrance to the disco. Non alcoholic beverages are also included. The official drinking age is 18, but often ignored. Parents, make sure you tell the chaperon your rules!

Organized Activities for Children

Our youth host will engage your children with a variety of organized activities. We offer several different beach games, board games and videos for rainy days. The kids will love our popular beach “treasure hunt”. Using a real metal detector, the children can explore for hidden treasure.  We have sand toys, pool toys, and other beach games available.

She also serves as your ‘mother’s helper” and nanny for families with smaller children.

This is all at no charge to you, but it’s always nice to tip the nanny!

If you have children under 5 years old, and the youth host is occupied with the older kids, you may request an additional nanny to help with the little ones. This fee is $40 per day (approximately $5/hour).