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The area around Sunrise villa, a standout among Dominican Republic villas, is blessed with a great deal of natural beauty, several stunning beaches, and the delightful small town of Cabrera.

But there are plenty of things to do on the Villa’s grounds as well. In fact, you could probably spend your entire trip behind the gates at Orchid Estates and be supremely happy. Here are a few things to do at the Villa.  Stateside outings pale in comparison to Cabrera Dominican Republic activities.  It’s is a magical place; we wouldn’t want you to miss all it has to offer.

Cabrera Activities

Some of these activities are less than five miles away. Others require slightly longer drives, but you’ll love the scenery. If you need more information, or would like your concierge to make arrangements for you before your arrival, feel free to contact us with the details.

The Beach at Playa Grande

If you’re looking to spend a few hours at a beautiful, family-friendly beach, and maybe have a traditional Dominican lunch, the beach at Playa Grande should more than suffice.

Complete with picturesque palm tree outcroppings, swimmable/surfable waves, crystal-clear waters, personal concierge service upon request, and shady spots for your beach chairs, this beach is everything you’d expect in a Caribbean  paradise. Just talk to your concierge at the Villa, and he’ll make all the arrangements. Read more about one of guest’s experience at the beach here.

Guided Excursions

Whether you’re interested in horseback riding, ATVing, snorkeling, zip-lining, boating, exploring Dudu Lake, surfing, whale watching, or going on a jeep safari tour,  Sunrise Villa has a preferred provider who offers “Everything Under the Sun” for numerous excursions.  Please visit their their website for complete details and pricing.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Happy Dive Center & Water Sports offers VIP dive services. They have 14 of the best dive sites in the North Coast and are finding new ones every day.

Outdoor Adventure at DR Eco-Adventures

This is a guest (and owner) favorite. Featuring activities like horseback riding, kayaks, biking, and more.Eco-Adventures has over 700 acres of unspoiled natural beauty with a lovely beach, restaurant, bathrooms and showers, and a terrific staff.

Please visit for complete information. 20 minutes from the villa. If you’re interested in reading more about the park, you can get a Villa guest’s first-hand account of his adventures here.

Lake DuDu

We know; the name is giggle worthy, but we assure you this impressive collection of caves and fresh water reservoirs is one of the most magical places you will visit in your lifetime.

Complete with underground cave snorkeling, ziplining, a mini zoo, an above ground cave, and an amazing restaurant, this excursion is only five minutes from the villa, and will make your day. Read more.

Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Our favorite sport fishing outfit has delighted guests with amazing hauls every time. Villa guests have been featured on local news for record catches. A professional operation. Please visit A bit over an hour from the villa.

Whale Watching

The Samana Bay, about 1.5 hours from the villa, is the winter home of the Atlantic Humpback whales. If you have never done a whale watching tour, this is the one for you. Guided by a prominent marine biologist, this activity is available only January to March. Please visit for details.

Almost two hours from the villa (but worth it!)

El Saltadero

A fresh water falls, at the mouth of Cabrera – nested under the canopy of a Dominican rain forest. Local kids climb the rocks along the falls and jump in for tips. We wouldn’t recommend trying this, bit El Saltadero is truly an experience worth seeing for yourself. Read one of our guests reviews.

Zip Lines and the Monkey Jungle

Another perennial guest favorite. The Monkey Jungle features a six line course, and of course monkeys to meet up close.

A bit over an hour from the villa. If you’d like to read a little write up on the park from one of our guests, click here.

Other activities locally

Our area features 3 stunning beaches, 5, 10, and 15 minutes away. Two are sheltered lagoon beaches very safe for children. Transportation is villa provided and free.

You can also rent mountain bikes for some beautiful rides, or take ATV’s for a more exhilarating experience. Very close by.

Our area also has two famous ceynotes. One has a zip line for the very brave. Very close by.

For some real adventure, and for those who don’t mind a drive of an hour or much longer, please visit this website for info on specialty tours featuring things like white water rafting or canyoneering.

Finally, the town of Cabrera is an activity all its own. Whether you want to do some shopping, visit our favorite dive bar on the ocean, tour a lovely town square and church, or hit the fantastic Dominican Discos. Our staff will show you how.

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