Manana Bar

A Toast To Your Very Own Caribbean Bar. Mañana means “tomorrow” in Spanish. To us it means, “sit down, have a drink, and put off everything until, Mañana”. One of our guests was setting out to enjoy a day of great, Dominican Republic golf, when he decided to pop by the Mañana Bar for a beer before he left. Seems he spent the entire day on that bar stool. He called us from the Mañana Bar to tell us it was the, “center of gravity for the whole Sunrise Villa. It just sucks you in and refuses to let you leave”. We agree.

The Mañana Bar is equipped with everything you need to keep your Dominican Republic vacation flowing smoothly.  A fully stocked beer cooler means you never go thirsty and the Dominican Presidentes are always ice cold. The Mañana Bar at Sunrise Villa has comfortable seating for at least 16 people, which makes it our favorite place on the property.