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Playa Grande Golf Course is Closed Until Fall 2015 for Renovations

Play Around Or Play A Round while enjoying your very own Caribbean vacation villa. The famous Playa Grande Golf Course is a Caribbean golf vacation at its best and our Villa guests play it for less. We receive discounted greens fees for Playa Grande Resort Golf Course, which carries the signature of Robert Trent Jones, Sr. When Mr. Jones visited the property in 1992, he is said to have actually cried when told he'd been chosen to be the architect. The course took from '93 to '97 to complete. Mr. Jones did the routing and his associates did the on-site work.

One of the World’s Greatest? This course has that kind of serious potential. It’s set high above the ocean and it plays along 100-foot bluffs. That makes it immediately comparable to Pebble Beach, a thought that sounds almost sacrilegious. But then, consider that Pebble has only six holes on the oceanside bluffs (6-7-8-9-10-18), while Playa Grande has 10.

The fairways are incredibly lush since everything grows so well here, and the course is naturally landscaped with native flowers. Greens are huge, varied in shape and steeply sloped, but with few tricky undulations. Generally, what you see is what you get. The standard, "challenging for the best players, but playable for everybody" actually applies here.

This course really has no negatives. It has the spectacular oceanfront setting, it has hills, and it has the widest possible choice of tees, allowing the course to be played from 4,488 yards all the way back to over 7,000 yards.

Less Crowded and Lower Scores. From the back tees, a player looking for the shortest route must carry over corners of the ocean on six holes (3-4-7-12-14-18). But from shorter tees, fairways are extremely wide, and all greens except the seventh are open for a run-up shot. Most golfers, playing conservatively, will post a score below their average number at home. At how many great courses in the world will that happen? Probably none, right?

Because of the Playa Grande’s relative remoteness, word hasn't yet spread of its prominence. For now, it’s the Caribbean’s best kept secret, with none of the overcrowding of typical resort courses. In the off-season you don't even need a tee time. As for the beverage cart girls, well, they're around all year long. While at Sunrise Villa, the perfect Caribbean vacation spot, if you ever need a 4th, just ask our manager Chris. He carries an 11-handicap and would love to join you for a match.

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