Activities: Fun in the Sun

Relaxing on the Beach with an Ice Cold Cocktail

Unlike those tiny Caribbean islands where you can see and do everything in a single afternoon, the Dominican Republic is a rather big island ~ the size of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island combined. It's about five times bigger than Jamaica. It's safe to say you could take years experiencing and exploring everything The Republica Dominicana has to offer.

Although Cabrera is a small town, there is plenty for visitors to Sunrise Villa to see and do here and the surrounding area.  Apart from the beach immediately Playa Diamante Cabrerain front of the villa, there are many others just a short distance away each with its own distinct characteristics.  Playa Diamante, in the direction of Nagua, offers very safe bathing for all the family.  Protected from the Atlantic this beach is a wide expanse of sand where the depth of water is very shallow for up to 100 meters from the shore. The water in this enclosed bay is normally completely calm and crystal clear making it extremely safe for very young children to enjoy. In the other direction, towards Rio san Juan you will find Playa Grande, once quoted by Conde Nash as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and alongside it Playa Preciosa, a beautiful unspoilt white sand beach fringed with palms and tropical plants.

During your stay at Sunrise Villa you can explore Cabrera and the countryside by a various means.  You could choose a Safari tour that will take you on an excursion of the area visiting sights such as the Salterdero Waterfall Cabrera the Salterdero, a waterfall, where you will probably see local youngsters jumping from various levels of the falls into the pool below. You may well be approached for a “tip” but as a single dollar, worth almost 400 pesos, is a small fortune to them it is not a bad investment.  You will also see a typical Dominican home, much of the countryside, some local beaches and, depending on the tour and itinerary possibly Lake DuDu and the Blue Lagoon. Lake DuDu also offers an opportunity to go cave diving, for those enjoy this activity, and there are two other dive able sink holes close by. For more information see . For more information about Safari Tours see  and Chris, your Villa Manager, can organize an excursion.

As an alternative, you could arrange to go horse-riding, and see the local area in this fashion following trails through the open countryside and along the beaches.  Horses are well cared for in the Dominican Republic and we recommend Rancho Paraiso who offer a selection of half-day, full day or evening trips.

ATV’s are also available to hire, either independently or as an organized trip.  These all terrain vehicles can go where normal cars and even a 4x4 would find it difficult and provide an ideal means of exploring off the beaten track beaches and countryside.

Whilst you may decide to just “chill out” around the pool in the evenings a trip into Cabrera town, particularly over a weekend should not be missed.  Both gas stations have bars and here you will find good music, lots of people and a dance floor where you can join the locals dancing the Bachata and Merenque. In the center of Cabrera, “El Parque”, there are several bars where you can listen to the music, dance, if you want to, or play pool. Saturdays and Sundays the Disco will also be open until 3am so if you like disco music and want a late night out on the town the option is there.

As part of your itinerary, guests at Sunrise villa are invited to dinner at the Hotel Catalina.  This hotel, which is located just outside Cabrera, is an excellent spot to enjoy a quiet drink in the bar or on the terrace where you can enjoy extensive views over the town and the Ocean.

More detailed information about Cabrera and all the facilities available to Sunrise Villa guests is available on our companion website and below is a list of activities, some very close to the villa and others further afield.


Activities that are a reasonable distance from Sunrise villa:

Venturing further afield, consider these options:

  • Mountain climbing
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Explore a 400 year-old Spanish fort
  • Play more championship golf courses
  • Discover waterfalls and cascades where you can walk or swim down the mountain. (These make Dunn's river falls in Jamaica seem tame and small.)
  • Visit the famous rum or cigar factories.
  • There are several nice restaurants in the area, a small casino, and a local disco where you can shake your booty all night long. (Contrary to what you hear in the States, dancing, not baseball, is the true Dominican passion!)

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